HINTS Project Work Packages information:

Work Package 1 - Project Management & Coordination:

- Organization of Project Meetings;
- Quality Control, impact evaluation;

Work Package 2 - Training and Learning:

- Developing Curriculum Guidelines;
- Developing the educational materials;
- Organisation of training courses in Western Balkans and South-Mediterranean countries;

Work Package 3 - Cooperation and Partnerships:

- Developing Curriculum GuidelinesDeveloping the collaborative IT platform;
- Creation of a collaborative network - education partnership agreements;

Work Package 4 - Capacity building of VET Providers:

- Support the implementation of appropriate quality assurance mechanisms in WB&SM countries;
- Developing the VET provider’s infrastructures in WB&SM countries;
- Support the implementation of innovative e-learning systems in WB&SM countries;

Work Package 5 - Impact and Dissemination:

- Developing the project website;
- Assurance of the project visibility/ impact
- Organisation events on green and digital topics in WB&SM countries;
- Organisation of events for dissemination of the project results in EU countries.


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